About Us

Demir Kundura is the leading manufacturer for most popular PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) known as Safety Shoes and Safety Boots. In order to supply best protection level to end users, we use on products, waterproof leather, suede leather, textile, steel toe, steel midsole, composit toe, fiber toe, antipenetration materials, kevlar textile.

Everything you’d like to know about Demir Kundura

Continuous Innovation; Aims to manufacture products by introducing the maximum level of permanent quality while considering the requirements of the developing market and adapting this into daily self-renewing technology

Customer Oriented; Aims to make long-term and lasting connections in short term by evaluating every other product we manufactured according to the needs and demands of the customers

Reliability; The most effective and reliable procedure is followed with the barcode system in use and pre-sale testing of the products.

National awareness; We dwell upon this subject with high sensibility to have our brand value at worldwide level by promoting in best ways in foreign markets, knowing the responsibility of the foreign market for our country.

Structure; We continue all the time to the production and design of workplace safety shoes with the contribution of our certified engineers in our factory located at Bolluca, Arnavutköy.

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