Our Tecnologies

Our products, which we manufacture under the “DEMİR” Brand and offer to our consumers’ order, are manufactured in compliance with the European Union Directive 89/686/ECC on Personal Protective Equipment. The compatibility of our products with this directive has been tested in PFI labs, approved and certified. Specifications required by the standards in materials selection are prioritized.

Our designs are made in accordance with the intended use of the product.

Terms of Use

Soles of our products are made through using DESMA injection machines, which is the latest technology. Our soles manufactured as of double density PU (Polyurethane) provide significant comfort features to the consumer;

Being Light: Used material is light hence it doesn’t tire consumer’s foot .

Softness and Comfort: Low density midsole and antibacterial soft mostra ensures foot to be at ease inside the shoe. Because of the fact that thermal conductance of the polyurethane material is low, it is wearable in both summer and winter.  

Being Antistatic: Enabling the transfer of static electric accumulated in the body to ground provides relief at body. Also for the people working in gassy environments, it provides security by shining.

Durability: Corrosion, oil and fuel oil resistant outer sole prolongs the life of product. Also, it can resist up to a heat of 180 °C.

Impact resistance:
At toes of our products at least 200 J (Impact energy resulting from the fall of 20 kg weight at 100 cm to the ground  impact resistant steel or composite materials are used as toe guard.

Penetration Resistance:
For the products manufactured in S3 or S1P categories, at least 110 kb (1100 N) penetration resistant midsole are used.

CE Label Information
The shoe bearing this label passed the tests required by EN ISO 20344, and is manufactured from high performance materials.
These shoes offered to the consumers are in the line with European Economic Community (EEC) Regulations (Regulation No: 89 / 686 EEC) arranged for Personal Protective Equipments (PPE), tested and approved by PFI Prüf –UndForschungsinstitute.V Marie-Cruie-Str. 19 66953 Pirmasens Germany with 0193 authorization number.

EN ISO 20345: Work shoes with steel or composite toe guard must have a 20 Joules Impact and 15.000 Newton pressure resistances.

Product Marking
0193 : Product approving certified agency (PFI)
EN ISO 20345:2011: European Standard number
S1-S1P-S2-S3 : Classification Type
P : Steel Midsole
C : Conductor Shoes
A : Antistatic Shoes
HI :  Thermo insulation
CI : Insulation against cold
E : Energy Absorption of Heel Part
WRU : Water Resistant upper
HRO :  Durable sole at 300 °C
ESD : Electrostatic Discharge

CE Technical Labeling Information
EN ISO 20345:2011 Safety Shoes (200 joule – Steel Impact Resistant)
SB : Basic Safety
S1 : Antistatic, Shock Absorber Heel  Part, Oil Resistant Sole
S1 P : Antistatic, Shock Absorber Heel  Part, Oil Resistant Sole, Steel Midsole
S2 : Antistatic, Shock Absorber Heel  Part, Oil Resistant Sole, Water Resistant
S3 : Antistatic, Shock Absorber Heel  Part, Oil Resistant Sole, Water Resistant, Steel Midsole

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